Embroidered Cotton Blouse - White - CLASH

Embroidered Cotton Blouse - White



Founded in 2014 by designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk in downtown New York City. AREA is a womenswear and accessories design studio specializing in quality craftsmanship, textile development and innovative embellishment.

AREA’S signature style is multi-faceted; witty, inherently glam, playfully decadent and injected with a pop energy. The brand share its name and spirit with the iconic 80's Manhattan nightclub, known for its fusion of art and performance in conceptually-themed nights attracting an eclectic mix of the uptown and downtown scenes along with international celebrities.


White blouse featuring embroidered crstayl fringe netting in front. Button up closure, folded cuff with button.
Made in USA

100% Cotton

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