Grace Earrings - Silver - C L A S H

Grace Earrings - Silver



Justine Clenquet jewelry brand founded in 2010 and based in France. All jewelry are handmade in a workshop based in Lille (North of France). The designer explores her much-loved punk aesthetic to create new classics. Studs and rings are adorned with palladium and pale gold 24k. Swarovski pearls surround the neck and chains add lift to a torc. Justine Clenquet jewellery’s is a perfect mix between elegance, underground culture and a nostalgic hint of the nineties.


Hoop earring featuring asymmetric open hoop earrings, brass dipped in palladium.
*100% handmade in France. 

*One side 1", One side 2"

Type: Earrings

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