Twisted Shorts - Black - CLASH

Twisted Shorts - Black



As an ex-professional boxer, Arashi Yanagawa, possesses an unprecedented background for someone involved in fashion. He founded his own brand "John Lawrence Sullivan" in 2003. The brand's name is an homage to a man who embodied traits like strength, personality, and dignity, and never backed down from a challenge. The bedrock of the clothing Yanagawa makes lies in tailoring accentuated by edgy styles that incorporate traditional elements. His superb creations have a magnetism that originates in the concept of a masculine image that is at once powerful and elegant.


Denim shorts featuring belt loops, button zip up, and pockets in front and back.


100% Cotton


46 | Waist 37cm, Rise 31cm, Hips 47cm, Length 52cm
48 | Waist 40cm, Rise 31cm, Hips 49cm, Length 54cm

Type: Shorts

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